Keith Callihoo

Nation: Kanien’ke:haka/ Metis 

Clan: Wakskere:wake 

Bio: Keith Callihoo is from Treaty 6 Territory, MFN, cultural tattoo practitioner, airbrush, carver. Attended Earthline Collective in Regina, Sk 2019. He specializes in flower designs rooted in beadwork. Methods include hand poke and stitching. His work has been featured on Skindigenous, Season 3 APTN. 

Protocols: Please contact Keith at to start dialogue and mention that the consultation is for attending Tyendinaga tattoo gathering. Consultation will include details of protocol. 


Dean Bonaventure McColeman

Nation: Netmizaaggamig Nishnaabeg 

Bio: Dean is an First Nations tattoo practitioner based out of Giinawind Co. — an Indigenous owned collective art space in Thunder Bay, ON. He has been tattooing professionally since 2018 and has been around tattooists, artists, and shops for the last 10 years. Dean has also travelled extensively in the past to a number of First Nations communities, both leisurely and work related, doing guest spots and representing Netmizaaggamig; which has allowed him to expand his artistic inspiration from different Nations around Canada. 

His practice is focused on tattooing as a form of healing for Indigenous peoples. He specializes in grey wash and black and white with a focus on promoting and preserving the beauty of Indigenous art. He has had the honour of doing an apprenticeship with Anthony Hooper (AKA Toby Sicks), owner of Inkdigenous Tattoo studio in Downtown Toronto, who he continues to work with annually. 

You can view Dean’s past work by following any of the social media / web links below: 

Protocols: 150$ per hour, can prebook threw website, gifts accepted (medicines tobacco) but not a requirement.

Methods: modern machine application.

Anne Spice

NATION: Tlingit

CLAN: Crow moiety

SHORT BIO: Anne is a hand-poked tattoo artist. They are passionate about reclaiming Indigenous tattooing, including the revival of tattooing as a ceremonial practice and one that builds reciprocity and relation in community.

NECESSARY PROTOCOLS: I prefer to trade for tattoos. This is part of reviving our gift economies. I invite you to think about the meaning and value of your tattoo outside of monetary exchange. Meaningful gifts given for my tattoos have included: handmade tinctures; home-tanned hides and furs; canned fish; a ribbon skirt; a drum; earrings; art; medicines. If you’re not able to gift something, a sliding scale of $100-$150/ hour is appropriate (or a combination of cash and gifts). Please let me know what you intend to exchange when you book your tattoo appointment, or when you approach me at the gathering. Gunałchéesh. 

TATTOOING METHODS OFFERED: hand poke in black, blue, red (and I’ll try to track down some Mohawk purple). Face tattoos, if well-researched and culturally appropriate.

Mercedes Terrance

Email or on Facebook or Instagram (links below)

Nation: Akwesasne 

Clan: Wolf, Okwaho 

Short bio: Shekon, 

My name is Mercedes, my Kanien’kehaka Name is Tsatsi’tsiahawi (She carries/brings the flowers). I am an Akwesasne Artist, & have been Tattooing using the methods of Hand Poke & Machine work for 4+ years. I specialize in mostly Floral, Traditional art, & intricate line work. My Hand Poke Apprentice, Lenni Terrance will be joining me to learn more about the safety hazards & new tattoo methods/techniques. We both look forward to joining you all at the event this year. 

Necessary protocols: tobacco, gifts/trades, hand poke- $150 per hour, machine work- $100 per hour

Tattooing methods offered: Hand poke, and Machine Work. Designs available, & custom designs available